Welcome to he VIP Club

Here  you will find unpublished exclusive videos addressing the challenges of the relationship break-ups,  how to understand and how to move on and bring strength, natural flow and happiness back into your life.

We endure, deal and understand such seemingly devastating chapter of life  by examining the role of our psyche in all this and how what we go through is connected to the image we have of ourselves in our own mind and it’s interaction with the image of our partner which we have  created that as well in our mind. *

Among the many insightful videos of this exclusive collection, the videos include all live talks  (updated as the new talks are scheduled) on “The Amazing Things in The world” forum with over 4.2 million viewers.

The videos also include discussions on the role of desire, fear, ego, thoughts and consciousness in our daily lives and how we are influenced throughout our journey by the interaction of the components of our psyche with each other in negotiation with life events and our perceptions.

Lastly the videos also include discussions on the understanding of the relationship between our mind and body, the nature’s energy and the energy that flows through our mind and body.

I am certain that these videos will open new windows of further pondering  which will bring out your hidden abilities to understand the limits and at the same time freedom from thoughts which shape our world and understanding of our life on this journey.

* For further and personal one on one consultation with me (should it be necessary) Please visit the Skype consultation  page.