I do not have enough kind words to express my gratitude and admiration for Mehran Dadbeh’s work and what he did for me.

Dr. Julia T., Germany

He is a Guardian Angel on earth, who brings comfort and help to many broken hearts and souls.

Maggie D., Florida, USA

He radiates a very special kind of serenity and kindness. He helped me to see my situation in a different light, from a greater distance.

Lynn, Germany

Mehran D. broke down the reasons why I felt those emotions. That was my first step to happiness because he hit the nail on the head.

Djuana F., 25, Jamaica

NEVER had anyone analyzed my problem in the manner he approached it. God comes to earth in various forms. Mr. Dadbeh, for me, was God sent – to put my life back on track, so I can enjoy all its beauty!

Dr. Sue S. (GP), USA

Mr. Mehran is a man I am eternally indebted to. He kindly and patiently reinforces the truth.

Abdul, Manchester, England

If it weren’t for you I would probably have committed suicide. Mr. Mehran, God bless you.

Vlad C., United Kingdom

I am so grateful to get a chance to talk with you. I had a feeling that I am talking to my older brother who gave me the best advices in these difficult moments. Thank you Mehran

Dani , from Sweden

Mehran has personally helped me to overcome intense emotional pain, and it is through his guidance that I have gone on to achieve great success with my personal goals.

Glen - United Kingdom